Sucker Rods

Sucker rod

Model No:API certificate
Name:Sucker rod
Application:land and offshore wells

Sucker rod is the common equipment in the oil recovery. It is manufactured by many process including the testing, straightening and forging. The sucker rod is placed between the polished rod and oil well pump, to deliver power. Sucker rod is manufactured from high quality carbon steel and alloy steel, which is conform to the API Spec 11B standard. It has various types including the common sucker rod, hollow sucker rod and FRP sucker rod. Commonly we use the sucker rod coupling to connect the sucker rod. It also has various specs to fit different environments and applications.


Positive Drilling Motor Data
ModelFlow Rate (I/s)Pressure Drop (MPa)Rating torque (N.m)Max.Torque (N.m)Bit Weight (KN)Power (kW) OD (in)Length (m)Connections
Box upBox down
5LZ89 ×7 .02~74560980185.6~19.3589(3 1/2)4.652-3/8REG
LZ95 x 7.04.7~113.295012402110.4~23.7995(3 3/4)3.72-7/8REG
C5LZ95 ×7 .05~136.5149023845521.8~59.395(3 3/4)6.882-7/8REG
5LZ120 ×7 .08~154160028755529~60120(43/4)6.083-1/2REG
5LZ146 ×7 .013~222.527304800659.5~27.23146(53/4)5.414-1/2REG
5LZ165 ×7 .016~283.2320056008033.5~59.65165(61/2)6.254-1/2REG
7LZ165 ×7 .018~324320045998044~77165(61/2)6.754-1/2REG
5LZ172 ×7 .020~3044570675610075~113172(6 3/4)8.034-1/2REG
7LZ172 ×7 .019~383.271001110010081~135172(6 3/4)7.364-1/2REG
5LZ185 ×7 .022~3545400732011083~132185(7 1/4)8.454-1/2REG
5LZ197 ×7 .030~38450008750120114~145197(7 3/4)8.756-5/8REG6-5/8REG
5LZ203 ×7 .022~36488901422014574.3~150203(8)8.75-1/2REG6-5/8REG
5LZ216 ×7 .023~54.841106017143180118~235.3216(8 1/2)8.756-5/8REG6-5/8REG
5LZ244 ×7 .050.~75.72.593001627521387.7~136.3244(9 5/s)7.86-5/8REG7-5/8REG
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