Non-magnetic Heavy Weight Drill Pipe

Non-magnetic Heavy Weight Drill Pipe

Model No:40w
Solar Power:60W
Height:5 – 7 Meters

The non-magnetic heavy weight drill pipe is made from low carbon stainless steel. acc to API Spec. 7 and SY/T5144. All threads are phoshated, copperized or cold worked. All connections are equipped with pressed steel thread protectors. All threads are machined with CNC Lathes-Double-shouldered and special threads.

API standard non-magnetic drill collar/Heavy Weight Drill Pipe/HWDP

Usage: Heavy Weight Drill Pipe/HWDP is the transition zone between drill collar and drill pipe. It can not only reduce stress-formation in the connection of drill collar and drill pipe, but also reduce the wear on OD. The wall thickness of heavy weight drill pipe is between drill pipe and drill collar, its structure is similar with drill pipe. It is made from premium alloyed steel. Its both tool joints and middle upset are welded hardbands.

Material: 4145H, 4145H Mod and non-magnetic material

Standard: According to API Spec 7-1 standard

Types: Integral and Friction welded

Integral Heavy Weight Drill Pipe

Integral Spiral Heavy Weight Drill Pipe

Hard band: Arnco100XT, Arnco200XT and Arnco300XT; Botn1000, Botn3000, TCS8000, TCS-Titanium, Armacor M etc. Also we can make according to customers’ requirements.


◆Non-magnetic Heavy Weight Drill Pipe Size

mminmminStyleODBevel diameter pin and box mmUpset
mminCenter area mmEnd area mm
WJZ66 -6 5/8 FH-I168.36 5/8114.34 1/26 5/8FH209.68 1/4195.0184.2176.21
WJZ55 -5 1/2FH-I139.75 1/292.13 5/85 1/2FH177.87170.7152.4144.5
WJZ50- NC50-I127.0576.23NC50168.36 5/8154.0139.7130.2
WJZ45- NC46-I114.34 1/271.42 13/16NC46158.86 1/4145.3127.0117.5
WJZ35- NC38-I88.93 1/252.392 1/16NC38120.74 3/4116.3101.692.1
WJZ29- NC31-I73.032 7/850.82NC31104.84 1/8100.484.181.0

Heavy Weight Drill Pipe Note:
Mechanical properties referring to those of non-magnetic drill collar
Magnetic properties
MPS=1×105/4πA /m
Average:  Ur<1.010
Magnetic field gradient:  △B≤0.05 µ T

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