FMC WECO fig 1502 threaded hammer union

Threaded hammer union

Use:Well Drilling

Processing Type:Forging
Certification:API  6A

Type 602:6000PSI NSCWP,test pressure:9000PSI

Provided with weak nitrile rubber sealing ring and used for sealing and protecting combination of union steel pairs.

Recommended for connection of manifolds and pipe lines,vehicle-mounted system and mud transportation and also can be used as non-pressure seal union.The butt-welded Sch.80 is adopted.


figure 200 hammar union

figure 200 hammar union

figure 400 hammar union

figure 400 hammar union

figure 602 hammar union

figure 1003 hammar union

Oilfield Equipment Production process:

Perfect Quality Control System laboratory

Physical Lab:

Chemical Lab:

Wellhead Equipment Testing Lab:

Precision Measurement Lab:


X-ray flaw detection:

X-ray flaw detection equipment carry out the testing on the welding seam to guarantee the welding effect and insulating capability.

Heat conductivity coefficient test:



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