NW Positive (rigid) Centralizer

NW Positive (rigid) Centralizers

Model No: API certificate
Name: NW Positive (rigid) Centralizers
Application: land and offshore wells

NW Positive (rigid) Centralizers are generally constructed in one piece to add greater strength and are held in place by high loads top collars or set screws; The tools are designed to improve cement flow while promoting maximum standoff from the borehole. There exist different kinds of rigid centralizers, such as straight blade or spiral blade type. The material of rigid centralizers could be aluminum alloy, casting steel and forging steel.

Parameter sheet of rigid casing centralizer

Size ID mm OD mm Height mm Rib width mm
4 1/2*6 117 146 >120 >20
5*6 1/2 129 160 >120 >20
7*8 1/2 181 210 >200 >35
9 5/8*12 1/4 247 305 >200 >40
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