Natural gas generator

Natural gas generator

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Name:Natural gas generator
Application:land and offshore wells

The gas generator set includes: engine, generator, controller, as well as optional devices such as voltage stabilizing filter device, gas-liquid (vapor-liquid) separation device, etc. The engine and the generator are coaxially connected and placed on the chassis of the whole machine. Connect the muffler and the governor to the engine, and connect the gas source to the gas passage in the engine, connect the recoil starter with a drawstring on the engine, and the voltage regulator connected to the output end of the generator. The combustible gas contained in the gas source is natural gas, or liquefied petroleum gas, or biogas. Compared with gasoline generator sets and diesel generator sets, the use of gas generator sets reduces environmental pollution and is an environmentally friendly and energy-saving generator. Moreover, the structure is simple, the use is safe and reliable, and the output voltage and frequency are stable.

The gas pressure stabilization filter device in the gas generator set is the main and key equipment in the gas transmission and distribution process. It mainly undertakes the functions of pressure regulation and stabilization, as well as one or more functions such as filtration, metering, odorization, and gas distribution.

The filter device is used to protect the valve of the gas pipeline, and the aperture of the filter should not be greater than 1.5mm. If the air valve train is equipped with an independent regulator valve, the front end of the air inlet should be equipped with an independent filter device to avoid blocking the air pipe in the regulator valve.

The fluctuation of the outlet pressure of the regulator valve should not exceed ±5% in the entire combustion adjustment range.

Gas Generator setSpecification
Gas generator set manufacturer
gas engine manufacturer
generator manufacturer
Control system manufacturer / Model
Common Power / standby Power
power Factor
rated voltage
rated current
starting mode
Implement standard
National standard
effluent standard
Use environment
Variation of cold and hot state voltage (%)
Sinusoidal distortion rate of linear voltage waveform (%)
Frequency drop δ fst (%)
Steady frequency band β f (%)
Steady-state frequency band voltage deviation δ ust (%)
Voltage modulated umod (%)
Relative voltage tuning range δ us.up (%)
Relative voltage tuning drop range δ (%)
Transient voltage deviation (%)
Voltage recovery time (s)
Transient frequency deviation (%) (for rated frequency)
Frequency recovery time (s)
Shape size (mm) (for reference only, based on the actual)
Noise Level dB(A)
Engine Parameter
Manufacturer / model
Air intake mode
number of cylinders
Cylinder diameter × stroke (mm)
output volume
Starting mode
Engine oil capacity(L)
Rated speed (rpm)
Nominal power (KW)
Maximum allowable exhaust back pressure (kpa)
Maximum allowable intake resistance (kpa)
Gas consumption (g/kw.h)
Lubrication consumption (g/kw.h)
 lubricating system
Intake pressure (mpa)
Generator Parameter
Manufacturer / model
Connection specification
Bearing number
power factor
levels of protection
Altitude requirement
Excitation mode
insulation grade
Temperature rise grade
Telephone interference factor TIF
Telephone harmonic factor thf
generator efficiency
Cooling air volume
rated voltage
power rating
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