Gas Anchor

Gas Anchor

Model No:API certificate
Name:Gas Anchor
Application:land and offshore wells

When the oilfield enters the middle and late development stage, the sand content in the well fluid increases, and there are impurities left in the wellbore in the usual workover operation. As a result, the screen of the pump is easily blocked by the granular sand and debris in a short time, thereby causing insufficient liquid supply of the pump, and in addition, the gas contained in the well fluid is prone to come into air lock. The above problems seriously damage the parts of the pump and reduce the working efficiency of the pump, and even make the pump unable to work, results in increasing the number of inspections, greatly affecting the normal production of crude oil, increasing production costs, and time-consuming. In response to the above problems, our company has developed a set of anti-sand, anti-blocking and anti-gas devices for the pump.


The gas anchor developed and produced by our company is a kind of sucker rod pump sand control tool according to the principle of centrifugal jet flow. This product meets the professional standards of the People’s Republic of China and is suitable for pumping wells with high sand content and high natural gas. It is used in conjunction with the production of tubing pumps and belongs to the auxiliary facilities for the production of pumping well. The structure of the device is mainly embodied in scientific and practical, reliable performance, designed with a guiding fluid, so that the flow of liquid in the wellbore is smooth, and the sand prevention, anti-blocking and anti-gas purpose can be completely achieved, and the pumping inspection cycle and the service life of the pumping well are prolonged as well. The device also has the functions of the previously used sand control pump, sand control tube and air anchor, which reduces material consumption, improves work efficiency, and has considerable economic benefits.


Gas SeparatorSpecs
Standard3 1/2
Max diameter114
Total length5280±10mm
Connection thread3 1/2 PIN*2 7/8 BOX
Bubble diameter≥ 1mm
For vapor liquid ratio≤ 400m3/m3
For hole diameter≥ 5 1/2” casing
For liquid viscosity≤ 100mpa.s (50℃)
Gas separating efficiency70%-90%
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