Drilling jar

Drilling jar

Model No:API certificate
Name:Drilling jar
Application:land and offshore wells

Jar is one of the effective tools to relieve sticking accidents. In drilling operation, due to complex geological structure (such as wellbore collapse, plastic flow and compression of naked formation) and improper technical measures (such as pump shutdown time is too long, bit mud bag, etc.), drilling tool resistance sticking often occurs.

Vibrator is one of the effective tools to relieve sticking accident.

At present, the vibrators used in China are mainly from Weatherford, Baker, Bowen, NationalOilwell, Rocan, Cougar, Guizhou Gaofeng Machinery Factory, Beijing Petroleum Machinery Factory and other manufacturers.

The main types of jar are while drilling jar, salvage jar and ground jar.

The jar while drilling should be designed in the drill string assembly. if it is stuck in the process of drilling or up and down drilling, the jam can be released at any time.

Jar products are of great significance for drilling operations.

the correct selection and use of jar products can give full play to their due efficiency and bring greater economic benefits to the drilling industry.


ODmm (inch)121(4-3/4)165(6-1/2)203(8)241(9-1/2)
IDmm (inch)44.5(1-3/4)57.2(2-1/4)70(2-3/4)76.2(3)
Tool joint conncetionAPINC38NC506-5/8REG7-5/8REG
Max. upward jarring forceKN(lbf)350(79000)700(160000)1000(225000)1250(280000)
Max. downward jarring forceKN(lbf)180(40000)350(79000)500(112000)650(140000)
Max. tensile loadKN(lbf)1100(247000)2000(450000)2800(630000)3500(780000)
Tensile yieldKN(lbf)1950(438000)3750(843000)6650(1495000)9850(2210000)
Torsional limitedKN·m(lbf·ft)15(11000)30(22000)45(33000)75(56000)
Torsional yieldKN·m(lbf·ft)27(20000)75(55000)90(66000)150(112000)
overall lengthmm(ft)6063(19.9)6375(20.9)6692(22)6920(22.7)
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