Three Roller Stabilizer

Three Roller Stabilizer

Model No:40w
Solar Power:60W
Height:5 – 7 Meters

Drilling stabilizer- Three roller stabilizer is made from AISI 4145H alloy steel, implementation of API specification, threads can be cold rolled, copper-plating or phosphating.

The three roller stabilizer is an important tool for oil, gas and geology exploration drilling engineering to prevent well deflection. Drill collars,heavy weight drill pipe and lifting subs are tools matched with stabilizers.

Three roller stabilizer size

D1L2D2dL1 ±10L1 ±20Thread Code on
Two ends mm(in)
Near bit
Drill string
190.5200159 1784860014001600190.5(7 1/2)
200.0200.0(7 7/8)
212.7212.7(8 3/8)
215.9215.9(8 1/2)
222.2222.2(8 3/4)
241.317860241.3(9 1/2)
244.5244.5(9 5/8)
250.8250.8(9 7/8)
311.1300203 2297870017001900311.1(12 1/4)
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