Tubing Centralizer

Tubing Centralizer

Model No:API certificate
Name:tubing centralizer
Application:land and offshore wells

Tubing centralizer is basically composed of coupling, centralizer, mandrel, spring plate and friction block.

It is mainly used for tubing in inclined wells and vertical wells with high inclination.

During operation, the centralizer is connected to both ends of the packer to ensure the coaxiality of the tubing, reduce the eccentric wear phenomenon and friction damage of the well wall to the packer rubber tube.

Therefore, the service life of the packer is prolonged to ensure the normal and orderly construction.

Parameter sheet of tubing centralizer

Tubing Size and typeCasing size mmD mmd mm
2 3/8 A108.61-111.9610250
2 7/8 A121.36-125.7411662
2 3/8 B108.61-111.9610262
2 7/8 B157.1-161.715075
3 1/2157.1-161.715090.5
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