Tubing Cable Clamps

Tubing Cable Clamps

Model No: API certificate
Name: Tubing Cable Clamps
Application: land and offshore wells

Assembled cable protector for tubing coupling, including pipe clamp, connecting slot and line clamp.

The pipe clamp includes a column and clamps respectively fixed to both ends of the column.

The connecting slot is fixed in the middle of the column.

The line clamp is installed by two clamps.

The body is connected by a hinge structure, and the front end of the clamping body is provided with a clamping strip.

When the two clamping bodies are closed, the two clamping strips are closely related, embedded in the notch, and connected and fixed by the movable fixing structure.


System nominal voltage kV (effective value) Residual pressure 10kA 8/20≯kV (peak) Power frequency withstand voltage / time (effective value) DC 1mA reference voltage≮kV (effective value) 0.75U1mA leakage current ≯μA 2mS square wave current tolerance Umbrella path Height
LHQ-10 3/2
BYL-10 10 6.5 3.25 50 600 67.5 95
LHQJS-10 5/3
BYLJS-10 35 6.5 3.25 50 600 67.5 95
LHQ-35 5/4
BYL-35 110 10 5.5 50 600 67.5 95
LHQJS-35 10/4
BYLJS-35 110 20 11 50 600 113 213
LHQ-110-Ⅰ 6/3
BYL -110-Ⅰ 220 30 17 50 600 113 263
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