API 8C traveling block for oil drilling rig from china supplier

travelling block oil drilling

Model No:40w
Solar Power:60W
Height:5 – 7 Meters

traveling block oil drilling rig from China manufacturer

Traveling Block oil drilling Breif:

1) The sheave groove is quenching treated, anti-abrasion with long service life.

2) Built to API 8A, having the certificate of authority to use the official API monogram.

3) Conforming to the requirements of industry standard SY/T5527.

4) The sheave and bearing are interchangeable for those of mated crown block

Please check other oil drilling equipment and tool parts: BOP Blowout preventer

Max. load kN


Mm diameter wire rope (in)29(1 1/829(1 1/8)29(1 1/8)32(1 1/4)35(1 3/8)38(1 1/2)
Number of sheaves455566
Overall Dimensions mmLength329434002030229426903110
Weight kg435045902410378855008300
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