Surface Safety Valve

Surface Safety Valve

Model No:API certificate
Name:Surface Safety Valve
Application:land and offshore wells

Ground safety valve is a ground safety system to ensure the safe exploitation and transportation of oil and gas.

Ground safety valves (hydraulic safety valve and pneumatic safety valve) are used for safety protection of well site in oil and gas leakage, fire and other emergency situations.

Safety valve is normally closed under the action of external force.

When the medium pressure in the equipment or pipeline rises beyond the specified value, the medium pressure in the pipeline or equipment can be prevented from exceeding the specified value by discharging the medium to the outside of the system.

Path: 2-1/16 “~ 4-1/16”
working pressure: 2,000~15,000psi
working medium: crude oil, natural gas, mud, H2S and CO2 gas operating temperature: L-U(-46 ℃ ~ 121 ℃)
material level: AA, BB, CC, DD, EE, FF, HH product specification level: PSL 1~3G
product performance level: PR2 Class Ⅰ or Class Ⅱ
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