Sucker rod Centralizer

Sucker rod Centralizer

Model No:API certificate
Name:Sucker rod Centralizer
Application:land and offshore wells

Sucker rod centralizer is a kind of tools to prevent abrasion of pumping well, it is especially suitable for pumping well and directional well, the rod body with nylon centralizer is works better.

The sucker rod moves up and down in the tubing, due to the elastic deformation of sucker rod, rod and oil tube wall is easy to make friction, it makes sucker rod break off easily, sucker rod centralizer has strong flexibility, touched with the tubing wall can reduce the friction of rod and tube, and can be increase production life of pumping unit.

The centralizer is connected with sucker rod, the outer diameter of centralizer is bigger than coupling outer diameter,so that can make the function of centralize.

The centralizer is made of high strength wear-resistant material, and touched with the tubing to reduce the abrasion to achieve the purpose of anti-abrasion.

sucker rod centralizer parameter
sucker Rod diameter16mm19mm22mm25mm
suit tubing21/2in-3in
work temperature120-160℃
fatigue life(times)400000
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