Spring Bow Centralizer

Spring Bow Centralizer

Model No: API certificate
Name: Spring Bow Centralizer
Application: land and offshore wells

All spring bow centralizer is validated to meet American Petroleum Institute API 10D requirements.

The spring bow centralizer provides superior standoff with reduced running forces when compared to conventional centralizers.

As a result, it can deal with various working conditions, suitable for vertical and deviated well bore and especially for horizontal and directional wellbores.

There are many kinds of bow spring centralizers, such as double spring centralizer, tuborlizer spring centralizer and one-piece centralizer.

Parameter sheet of Spring Bow Centralizer

Size ID mm OD mm Height mm Material
4 1/2*6 117 152 300 Spring steel
5*6 1/2 127 165 350 Spring steel
7*8 1/2 178 216 600 Spring steel
9 5/8*10 3/8 243 264 650 Spring steel
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