Progressing Cavity Pump, Screw Pumps

Progressing Cavity Pump,Screw pumps

Model No: API certificate
Name: Progressing Cavity Pump
Application: land and offshore wells

A screw pump is a type of Positive Displacement Pump.

This means that it moves fluid by continually displacing the area that the fluid occupies.

The screws are encased inside of a liner, usually made of some sort of metal.

The fluid fits into the screw cavities within this liner and is forced through the pump and out of the discharge as the screws rotate and inter-mesh.

Since there needs to be some clearance between the liner and the screws, it is possible for any fluid that is pumped to slip backwards into the pump to lower pressure zones.

For high viscosity fluids like this volumetric slippage is usually a non-issue.

As the viscosity decreases, however, this slippage becomes substantial thus; reducing the efficiency of the pump.

This has to be taken into consideration when pumping water or similar fluid and particularly in multi-phase applications where vapor slugs are mixed into the fluid stream.

In these cases, all the clearances within the pump must be minimized to reduce slip.

Direct drive electric submersible progressive cavity pump
Type Model Model Rotate Displace Displacementm³/d High
pump motor rpm mentml 100rpm 150rpm 200rpm m
DDESPCP40-42-116/11 LB40-42 QYT116-11X 150 40 5.76 8.64 11..52 1900
DDESPCP75-40-116/11 LB75-40 QYT116-11X 150 75 10.8 16.2 21.6 1800
DDESPCP120-36-116/15 LB120-36 QYT116-15X 150 120 17.28 25.92 34.56 1500
DDESPCP190-33-116/18 LB190-33 QYT116-18X 150 190 27.36 41.04 54.72 1450
DDESPCP300-33-116/18 LB300-27 QYT116-18X 150 300 43.2 64.8 86.4 1200
DDESPCP400-33-116/22 LB400-21 QYT116-22X 150 400 57.6 86.4 115.2 940
DDESPCP500-33-138/30 LB500-21 QYT138-30X 150 500 72 108 144 940
DDESPCP600-33-138/30 LB600-16 QYT138-30X 150 600 86.4 129.6 172.8 720
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