Pneumatic Diaphragm valve

Pneumatic Diaphragm valve

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Name:Pneumatic Diaphragm valve
Application:land and offshore wells

Pneumatic diaphragm valve, also known as diaphragm globe valve, refers to a compression device in which a flexible membrane or a combined diaphragm is installed in the valve body and bonnet, and the closing part is connected to the diaphragm.

The valve seat can be weir-shaped or It is the pipe wall that passes through the flow channel.

The flexible membrane or composite diaphragm of the diaphragm valve is surrounded by a control cavity, and the pressure is generated by injecting compressed air, natural gas, water or other substances into the control cavity.

The flexible membrane or composite diaphragm Bending under pressure, so that the cross-section of the diaphragm is changed or even closed, thereby achieving the purpose of controlling flow and feeding.

When the control pressure is about 2.5 bar higher than the pressure of the conveying liquid, the diaphragm valve can seal gas, liquid, paste and Powdery liquid.

The highly elastic diaphragm can convey any material, especially suitable for conveying powdery materials.


The diaphragm valve is only composed of three parts: the valve body, the diaphragm and the bonnet, and the structure is very simple.

Its operation can realize the control and adjustment of the working state and operating speed of the valve only through compressed air.

In the entire operation, the material It only comes into contact with the diaphragm in the valve body, and the contact with other parts is effectively isolated by the diaphragm.

Therefore, the use of a diaphragm valve to transport some sensitive materials will have a good effect.

Pneumatic valve pneumatic technical parameters comparison table
Valve Size DNCorresponding actuator modelTurn on oxygen consumption LOff start oxygen consumption LAir source interface size
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