Mud Tanks

Mud Tanks

Model No: API certificate
Name: Safety Clamp
Application: land and offshore wells

The mud tank solid control system for oil drilling fluid mainly includes FG and ZG oil drilling mud tanks.

The mud tank circulation system is divided into square tank and conical tank according to the bottom shape of the tank.

The tank body adopts flat conical structure or corrugated structure, and the steel plate and section steel are assembled and welded.

The tank surface and corridor are made of anti-skid steel plate and anti-skid strip net plate, and the tank surface railings are made of square steel pipe, which are barrier free and foldable structure and are firmly inserted.

The surface of mud tank circulation system is equipped with clean water pipeline to clean the tank surface and equipment, and the mesh plate on the tank surface is treated by zinc immersion.

Channel steel is used as the main body of the ladder, anti-skid strip net plate is used as the pedal, and safety hooks are set on both sides of the guardrail.

The oil drilling mud tank is equipped with standard sand control and rain proof shed, and the heating and insulation pipeline is set in the tank.

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