triplex mud pump for drilling rig

triplex mud pump

Use:Well Drilling
Type:Mud pump
Processing Type:Forging

Mud pump has a wide range of types, fully digests the advantages of similar products at home and abroad in design, optimizes the structure and parameters of traditional pumps by using modern design methods and concepts, and produces a more reasonable and advanced mud pump.

Drilling mud pump mainly include F pump series, P pump series, 3NB pump series, PZ pump series, etc.

The company can complete sets of belts, chains, couplers, reducers, and other transmission forms, vehicle mounted skids and other structural forms of pump sets.

A solid and compact structure, miniature volume, good and reliable performance, which can meet the drilling requirements such as high pump pressure and big displacements in the oil field.

F series mud pump

It has a longer stroke and can be operated at a lower stroke, thus improved the water supplying performance effectively and extended the lifetime of expendable parts in the fluid end greatly. The suction pulsation dampener has an advanced structure which is reliable to use and can make the pump realize its best suction performance.

The power end uses combined lubricating system of forced lubrication and splash lubrication. Reliable to lubricate and promote the service life of power end.

This series mud pumps are widely used in the oilfields and other industrial mining enterprises for well drilling and well repairing etc.

This series mud pump are strictly manufactured according to API Spec 7k “the Equipment Specification of Well Drilling and Repairing”, and are tested accordingly when leave factory.

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Product types and specifications:


TypeTriplex single actingTriplex single actingTriplex single actingTriplex single acting
Rated Power597KW/800HP746KW/1000HP969KW/1300HP1193KW/1600HP
Rated Strokes150 SPM140 SPM120 SPM120 SPM
(mm/in) Max.Liner Dia170/6 3/4″170/6 3/4″180/7″180/7″
Gear TypeHerringboneHerringboneHerringboneHerringbone
Valve PotAPI-6#API-6#API-7#API-7#
Gear Ratio4.185:14.207:14.206:14.206:1
Suction Inlet(mm/in)254/10″305/12″305/12″305/12″
Discharge Inlet(in)5″Flange 5000 psi5″Flange 5000 psi5″Flange 5000 psi5″Flange 5000 psi
Max. Pressure35Mpa35Mpa35Mpa35Mpa
5000 psi5000 psi5000 psi5000 psi
Overall Size(mm/in)3963*3025*2410



Perfect Quality Control System laboratory

Physical Lab:

Chemical Lab:

Wellhead Equipment Testing Lab:

Precision Measurement Lab:


X-ray flaw detection:

X-ray flaw detection equipment carry out the testing on the welding seam to guarantee the welding effect and insulating capability.

Heat conductivity coefficient test:



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