Handwheel Valve

Handwheel Valve

Model No:API certificate
Name:Handwheel Valve
Application:land and offshore wells

Material Technical information


AISI 316 LHC stainless steel.

-Acid resistant.

-Cutting the hub.

-Turn the wheel flange and polish it.

-Unprocessed surface, sandblasted matte finish.




-Type B: H9 reamed hole.

-Type K: H9 reamed hole and keyway, in line with the tolerances specified in DIN 6885/1 P9 (see catalog 038, page A17).

The GN 950.6-F handwheel can be installed on the shaft with a flat head screw, see the technical data section (see product catalog 038, page A18).


Fixed handle


DIN 39-A4 mirror polished and turned stainless steel.


The following accessories can be provided on demand


GN 184.5 axial positioning washers (see catalog 038, page 631).


Features and applications


The main dimensions of GN 950.6-F handwheel with fixed handle are the same as DIN 950-F

Standard PartsMain sizeMounting holeshandleNumber of spokesweight
Descriptiond1d3 ≈bl2 ≈d2 H9l1l3Ørd4g
GN 950.6-100-B10-F10025.514.533101748.51636M 63480
GN 950.6-100-K10-F10025.514.533101748.51636M 63470
GN 950.6-125-B12-F1252715.835.51218622047M 83770
GN 950.6-125-K12-F1252715.835.51218622047M 83760
GN 950.6-140-B14-F140291738.51419622052M 83940
GN 950.6-140-K14-F140291738.51419622052M 83930
GN 950.6-160-B14-F1603117.539.51420772562M 1031320
GN 950.6-160-K14-F1603117.539.51420772562M 1031310
GN 950.6-200-B18-F200372044.51824772580M 1032060
GN 950.6-200-K18-F200372044.51824772580M 1032000
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