Gas Lift Valve

Gas Lift Valve

Model No:API certificate
Name:Gas Lift Valve
Application:land and offshore wells

The use of pneumatic lift is the most economical oil extraction method in the modern oil extraction process.

Gas lift is not limited by the depth of the oil well, and the injected gas can go deep into the liquid through the gas lift valves at all levels from top to bottom, so that the bottom of the tubing is above the bottom.

The weight of the liquid becomes lighter, and the back pressure to the oil layer is reduced, thereby ensuring the smooth and continuous production of the oil well.

Technical performance:

  1. Working temperature: can withstand 30℃-120℃
  2. The inflation pressure in the bellows: 8.0-10.0MPa
  3. The maximum working pressure outside the bellows: 45-50MPa
Valve depth M20502950
Valve seat aperture mm4.54.5
Ground commissioning opening pressure Mpa1311
Temperature at valve (℃)73.4378.28
Gas lift valve numberSingle numberdouble number
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