Float Collar

Float Collar

Model No:API certificate
Name:Float Collar
Application:land and offshore wells

Float collar is a casing coupling with check valve. It is one of the casing accessories. In deep wells and special wells, it can be used in combination with casing floating shoes to improve the safety of cement injection operations. In the process of casing running, one-way flow of drilling fluid in the annulus is realized to prevent the backflow of cement slurry during cement injection and to realize pressure relief and setting after cementing impact, which helps to improve the cementing quality of the cement ring and casing; at the same time, the buoyancy of the casing string is adjusted by pouring drilling fluid which is run into the casing string, so that the casing hanging weight can meet the design requirements of the casing operation.


When using the casing float collar, it is to control the lowering speed of the casing string to prevent the pressure variation caused by the rapid lowering, which may cause seal failure or crush the fragile formation. By pouring drilling fluid into the casing and adjusting the pressure difference between the inside and outside of the casing, it can effectively prevent the casing from being crushed.

Float Collar Parameter
Specs(mm)/(in)OD(mm)ID(mm)Height(mm)Open Hole
Thread ConnectionPressure
Unit Weight
1405 1-2160127.3-118.650045API Thread/
Premium Thread
1686 5-8187.8153.6-144.155045API Thread/
Premium Thread
1787200166-150.455045API Thread/
Premium Thread
1947 5-8219.1178.4-16255045API Thread/
Premium Thread
2198 5-8244.5205.6-190.855045API Thread/
Premium Thread
2449 5-8269.7226.6-214.355070API Thread/
Premium Thread
27310 3-4298258.9-242.855070API Thread/
Premium Thread
29811 3-4323.9281.5-273.660070API Thread/
Premium Thread
34013 3-8365320.4-313.660070API Thread/
Premium Thread
40616431.8384.1-381.365070API Thread/
Premium Thread
47318 5-8508450.965070API Thread/
Premium Thread
50820531.2485.7-475.765070API Thread/
Premium Thread
You also could customize the size and specs and, then we could design and manufacture them accordingly.
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