Falling-off preventor of sucker rod

Falling-off preventor of sucker rod

Model No:API certificate
Name:Falling-off preventor of sucker rod
Application:land and offshore wells

The falling-off prevent of sucker rod is designed to solve the problem of the radial torsion generated by the sucker rod string due to various factors when the sucker rod is working downhole pump wells.

It mainly composed of an upper joint, a connecting sleeve, a ball seat, a gasket, an adjusting screw, and a lower joint.

It has been developed for deduction accidents, and it has been proved by field use that under the required conditions, in the middle and deep wells, it can effectively eliminate the pole tripping accidents.

Max Dia505055
Weight2.6 kg
Max static load340KN
Work load200KN
Work mediumcorrosivity well fluid
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