Model No:API certificate
Application:land and offshore wells

“ERW steel pipe”- electric resistance welding, is a straight seam resistance welded pipe, which is abbreviated as ERW, for conveying vapor and liquid objects such as oil and natural gas, which can meet the requirements of high and low pressure.

At present, the ERW pipe used for transportation in the world is a “high frequency resistance welded steel pipe”, which is different from the ordinary welded pipe welding process, the weld is made from the melting of the base metal of the steel strip body, and the mechanical strength is better than that of the general welded pipe.

ERW stands for resistance welding.

Resistance welding has the characteristics of high production efficiency, low cost, material saving and easy automation, so it is widely used in aviation, aerospace, energy, electronics, automobile, light industry and other industrial sectors, and is one of the important welding processes.

The biggest difference between ERW steel pipe and seamless steel pipe is that ERW has a welding seam, which is also the key to the quality of ERW steel pipe.

With the modern production technology and equipment of ERW steel pipe, the seamless of ERW steel pipe has been satisfactorily solved.

ERW steel pipe has the advantages of using hot rolled coil as raw material, uniform wall thickness can be controlled at about ±0.2mm, two ends of steel pipe according to APl standard or GB/T9711.1 standard, repair end beveled, fixed length delivery and so on.

In recent years, ERW steel pipe has been widely used as the main steel pipe in urban pipe network by natural gas and gas companies.

Small diameter erw steel pipe
Out diameterSch 5Sch 10Sch 40
1 1/4″42.21.651.932.773.153.684.11
1 1/2″48.31.651.932.773.153.684.11
3 1/2″
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