Drilling jars

Drilling jars

Model No:API certificate
Name:Drilling jars
Application:land and offshore wells

During drilling operations, due to complex geological structures, such as well wall collapse, plastic flow and squeezing of the formation in the open hole, and improper technical measures, such as long pump stop time, bit mud packs, etc., drilling tools often get stuck. Shock sub is one of the effective tools to eliminate stuck accidents.

Our company can provide while-drilling jar (composed of a hydraulic top jar and a mechanical dumper jar), mechanical while-drilling jar, hydraulic while-drilling jar, mechanical and hydraulic integrated while-drilling jar, super drilling jars, hydraulic top jar, and surface jar, etc.

Upward stroke
Downward stroke
Max. pull force
Allowed working torque22222018151515151513
Norminal upward releasing force500~700500~700400~600400~600350~550350~550300~450300~450200~350150~250
Max. upward releasing force10001000750750700700550550450270
Max. downward releasing force650650600600550550500500400250
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