Drilling Liquid Cleaner

Drilling Liquid Cleaner

Model No: 40w
Solar Power: 60W
Height: 5 – 7 Meters
Lifespan: 50,000hrs

The drilling liquid cleaner is fixed drilling liquid solids control equipment consisting of desander,desilter and shale shaker. It integrates the performance of aforesaid three equipments, featuring large disposal capacity, rapid treatment speed, less energy consumption, occupying small space, etc. It receives the most welcome in the international drilling market.

The treatment separation of the drilling liquid cleaner by the large of drilling cuttings from the well, so that, mud enter into the next liquid separation equipment, the performance and using of mud cleaner are directly influence the next using effect of the liquid separation equipment.

The drilling fluid shale shaker is according to the vibration theory of the liner motion ‘s movement locus to designed, the exciter make the screen box do back and forth movement, the solid particles in the mud is sifted out from the surface, to achieve the purpose of the solid and liquid separation.

Model JZQ300×2/100×12 Drilling fluid cleaner
Desander parameters Desilter parameters
Cones 300×2 Cones 100×12
Working pressure 0.2~0.45 MPa Working pressure 0.2~0.45 MPa
Capacity 240 m3/h Capacity 160~200 m3/h
Separation point 40~74 μm Separation point 20~40 μm
Inlet diameter 6″ Inlet diameter 6″
Outlet diameter 8″ Outlet diameter 8″
Shaker model JZS220-3P / JZS240-3P / JZS280-3P
Weight 2600kg / 2750kg / 2950 kg
Overall dimensions,mm 2620×2440×2500 /2670×2550×2560/3150×2550×250


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