Centrifugal Sand Pump

Centrifugal Sand Pump

Model No: 40w
Solar Power: 60W
Height: 5 – 7 Meters
Lifespan: 50,000hrs

Centrifugal sand pump is mainly supplied to solids control circulating system of oilfiel drill rig,and be used to offer drilling fluid with certain volume and pressure to desander,desilter or mixer. It is especially suitable for the drilling engineering with drilling fluid being more density than 2,because of the big inlet and outlet dimension.

Main Technical Parameters of JSB Centrifugal Sand Pump

JSB10×8×14 and JSB8×6×14 Centrifugal Sand Pump

Model JSB10×8×14 JSB8×6×14
Discharge capacity 260 m3/h 240m3/h
Pump Head 33 m 33 m
Efficiency 65% 65%
Motor power 75/90 kW 55/75 kW
Motor speed 1450/1750(60Hz) rpm 1450/1750(60Hz)rpm
Inlet diameter 10″ 8″
Outlet diameter 8″ 6″
Weight 1150/1300kg 1050/1150kg
Overall dimensions,mm 2020×675×950/2100×675×950 1930×650×880/2000×675×950

JSB8×6×11 and JSB6×5×11 Centrifugal Sand Pump

Model JSB8×6×11 JSB6×5×11
Discharge capacity 220~240m3/h 120~220m3/h
Pump Head 26 m 26 m
Efficiency 65% 65%
Motor power 37/45 kW 30/37/45 kW
Motor speed 1450/1750(60Hz)rpm 1450/1750(60Hz)rpm
Inlet diameter 8″ 6″
Outlet diameter 6″ 5″
Weight 850/950kg 819/887/920 kg
Overall dimensions,mm 1848×595×805/1875×595×805 1770×505×835/ 1820×585×805


JSB4×3 (Grout Pump) and JSB3×2 (Clear Water Pump)

Model JSB4×3 JSB3×2
Discharge capacity 60m3/h 50m3/h
Pump Head 25 m 25 m
Efficiency 65% 65%
Motor power 11/15 kW 7.5/11 kW
Motor speed 1450/1750(60Hz)rpm 1450/1750(60Hz)rpm
Inlet diameter 4″ 3″
Outlet diameter 3″ 2″
Weight 438/460kg 358/400kg
Overall dimensions,mm 1545×500×710/1585×500×710 1435×485×640/1530×485×710
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