Oil Well Drilling Drill Rigs Drill Stabilizer With Competitive Price

Drill Stabilizer

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Oil Well Drilling Drill Rigs Drill Stabilizer With Competitive Price

Detailed description

Stabilizers are drilling tools to stabilize the downhole equipments and prevent deviation.

According to the structure, they can be divided into three basic types: integral blade stabilizer,

non-rotating stabilizer and replaceable sleeve stabilizer.
 Drill Stabilizer With Competitive Price
Mechanical feature:


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Integral Blade Stabilizers:

Integral blade stabilizer also has three types: spiral integral blade stabilizer, straight integral blade stabilizer and non-magnet Integral blade stabilizer.

Integral Blade Stabilizer is a one piece rotating stabilizer which can be near bit or up in the drill

string. It is a one piece construction manufactured from high strength alloy steel (non-magnet steel optional). It prevents differential sticking of the drill string and keeping drill collars

and drill pipes away from the borehole wall. This reduces vibration, drill pipe whirl, and well

hole twist. Furthemore, the stabilization maintains drilling trajectory whether drilling straight,

horizontal or directional wells.

We can provide all types of stabilizers, in both alloy steel and non-magnet materials:

1. Spiral integral blade stabilizer

2. Straight integral blade stabilizer

3. Non-magnet integral blade stabilizer


We offer a complete range of body integral blade (BIB) and sleeve integral blade (SIB)

stabilizers in a wide range of diameters(4 3/4 to 26).

Body integral blade stabilizers are out of a single piece of fully heattreated AISI 4145H steel.

They are the perfect design for small to mediumsize stabilizers (12 1/4 and below), improving

ruggedness and job safety while remaining economical.

This design is available for diameters 12 1/4’’ and above, resulting in significant savings on

purchasing and maintaining these large-diameter stabilizers

Wide range of applications:

The IBS is wellsuited for use in most formations, from soft and sticky to hard and abrasive.

The tool can be supplied in both “open” and “fullwrap” designs for optimum hole wall contact.

In addition,it is available in both bottom hole and string designs, providing the flexibility to run

it anywhere in the BHA.

One-piece construction:

The blades are integral parts of the tool body, thus eliminating the risk of leaving components

or pieces in the hole. Blade diameters are ground to a maximum of 1/32 under gauge on all

hole size. When the blades wear down to an unacceptable diameter, the stabilizer can be

removed from the drilling assembly and returned to an approved machine shop for redressing

to full gauge size.

Hard-facing types:

HF 1000 HF 2000 HF 3000 HF 4000 HF 5000

Please specify when ordering:

1. Drill collar size and ID

2. Type of stabilizer (string or near bit)

3. Top and bottom connections

4. Spiral type

Non-rotating stabilizer:

Nonrotating stabilizer is a special tool in drilling to avoid blade wear and wall damage. The non-rotating stabilizer consists of mandrel, copper washer, rubber sleeve, spacer sleeve and self-locking lower sub.

During drilling, the nonrotating stabilizer transfer the torque by means of mandrel, the rubber

sleeve is sliding and moving relative to the mandrel, the rubber sleeve thus plays a role in stabilizer of well. A locking clutch(selflocking lower sub) will avoid sleeve rotation during wash over


Replaceable sleeve stabilizer:

The replaceable sleeve stabilizer is available with two-piece and three piece construction. The replaceable sleeve stabilizer consists of an integral mandrel and a sleeve. One mandrel series can be equipped with different size of sleeve for several hole sizes. The sleeve are easily changed on the rig floor, either when changing hole size or changing the type of

wear surface to match drilling conditions. Its advantage is that the sleeve can be changed quickly and easily after sleeve hard-facing is worn out. This kind of stabilizer is especially suitable for working in directional well.

When ordering please specify:

1. Mandrel series and sleeve O.D

2. String or near bit application

3. Top and bottom connection

4. Hard-facing type

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