Casing spear

Casing spear

Model No:API certificate
Name:Casing spear
Application:land and offshore wells

The HOC Casing Spear is used for internally catching and retrieving an assortment of casing sizes.

Our casing spear uses only one moving part – the grapple.

The mandrel has a special double taper that allows 100% of the grapple’s wicker surface to contact the internal wall of the casing.

This allows for the pulling load to be distributed more evenly over a greater surface area and reduces the tendency of casing to split when pulling or jarring.

HOC’ sextended casing spear grapple is effective in backing-off casing from mud line hangers.

The fishing spear is an internal fishing tool.

It can salvage drill pipes, tubing, milling pipes, liners, packers, water distributors, co-products, and other falling objects with internal holes.

It can also be used with other tools (such as jars, inverted devices) for falling objects that are stuck.

Fishing spears can be divided into inverted and non-inverted types according to their uses; they can be divided into retractable and non-retractable types according to their use characteristics; according to the structure of the salvage element, they can be divided into threaded butt-buckled and slip-on types.

Datasheet for K344 SERIES PACKER
For CasingSize, PackersStarter PressureWorkWorkConnection
MPaPressureTemperatureUP TBG
Spec.ID, mmODIDLengthMPa
90458100.8-1.5701202  7/8”
4  1/2”97.18-103.8892458100.8-1.5701202  7/8”
94458100.8-1.5701202  7/8”
98458100.8-1.5701202  7/8”
5”104.80-115.82100458100.8-1.5701202  7/8”
102458100.8-1.5701202  7/8”
105548300.8-1.5701202  7/8”
114.30-118.62108568300.8-1.5701202  7/8”
110608300.8-1.5701202  7/8”
5  1/2”112608300.8-1.5701202  7/8”
118.62-124.26115608300.8-1.5701202  7/8”
136628300.8-1.5701202  7/8”
6  5/8”144.16-150.4138628300.8-1.5701202  7/8”
142628500.8-1.5701202  7/8”
7”150.36-157.08144628500.8-1.5701202  7/8”
146628500.8-1.5701202  7/8”
7”157.08-161.70148628500.8-1.5701202  7/8”
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