API 6A cameron FC gate valve from China

API gate valve

Use:gate valve
Type:API 6A
Processing Type:casting

API Gate valve structure characteristics :

The API gate valve design conforms to the API Spec 6A standard and API Q1.

1.Sealing for Body and cover is metal to metal seal, improve the sealing performance.

2.stem and cover designed with backseat sealing structure is easy to take pressure change valve stem packing.

3.API Gate valve body is made of high quality alloy steel forgings, no perforation design, safe and reliable.

4.Sealing surface spray weld hard alloy, with corrosion resistance, resistance to erosion and wear resistance performance.

5.Body pad ring groove can according to user requirements overlaying austenitic stainless steel, improve the corrosion resistant ability; To enhance its service life.

6.Use spring preload load in the disc and seat, completely realize two-way seal.
Set to open and close just device, shows that the API gate valve open and close condition, operating torque low.

oilfield gate valve API

Working  pressure(psi)2000psi -20000psi(14Mpa -140Mpa)
Material classAA,BB,CC,DD,EE,FF
Master bore1 13/16”;2 1/16”;2 9/16”;3 1/8”;3 1/16”;4 1/16”;5 1/8”;7 1/16”

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API 6A Gate valve FC type Slab-Style Christmas tree valve & mainfold valve

FC Gate Valves’ feature:

1.FC type Gate Valve is the valve that provides reliability and interchangeability.

2.The ‘FC’ valves is non-rising stem and has bidirectional sealing making it ideally suited for Manifolds, X-mas trees in drilling and oil production field.

3.The surface of the gate and the seats are TC alloy spray welding to against corrosion, abrasion, erosion, etc

4.The slab-gate design provides a metal-to-metal seal on the flow stream and the bolted bonnet provides for ease of maintenance and repair.

5.The Stem pin protects the stem and internal parts from failure by shearing if the handwheel is over-torqued

6.Single gate helps to prevent line sediment from entering the body cavity and prevents pressure locks when the upstream pressure drops.

7. A wide range of body and trim material is available to meet various operating conditions.

8. Hydraulic Actuators type valve can be used on Manifold or other remote control system.

Available Specication
Bore Size1 13/16” – 7 1/16”
Working Pressure2,000psi – 20,000psi
Material ClassAA – HH
Working Temperature75°F – 350°F
TypeCameron FC Type

Perfect Quality Control System laboratory

Physical Lab:

Chemical Lab:

Wellhead Equipment Testing Lab:

Precision Measurement Lab:


X-ray flaw detection:

X-ray flaw detection equipment carry out the testing on the welding seam to guarantee the welding effect and insulating capability.

Heat conductivity coefficient test:



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