• Jack-up choke blowout manifold
    Choke / Kill manifold

    In view of the advanced technology at home and abroad, we succeed in developing the control box according to the real working condition of oil fields. These are six series including 21Mpa, 35Mpa, 70Mpa, 105Mpa single and double hydraulic control. (Pump stroke counter can be quipped if required.)
    On the panel of the control box, the pressure of stand pipe and casing can be displayed. Adopting pressure transmitter which has the properties of high sensing precision, good shock-resistant performance, easy installation and anti-explosion. We supply choke and kill manifold in different pressure class.

  • casing  head
    Casing head

    It can be installed easily on the fields, and its direction can be adjusted. It has double seals to connect the casing and has pressure test ports
    Bottom connection is API casing thread including long-round, short-round and buttress thread; Ground Casing: 7’’- 20’’.

  • tubing  spool
    Tubing spool

    We offer different types of tubing spool and tubing hanger used in high pressure and crude condition.
    Tubing spool is standard well completion, the connection flange is according to API 6A.
    With Lock screw down this can strengthen the tubing hanger seal performance.
    Second seal of Pack-off casing can be sealed by “Y” type seal ring or metal-metal seal as requirement.

  • thermal recovery wellhead

    Thermal recovery wellhead is composed of Christmas tree and tubing head. The bottom of tubing cross (spool) is connected with bottom in flange type and upper connected to Christmas tree. Flashboard and valve seat is spray welding cemented carbide technique with advantages of high temperature proof, pressure resistance, erosion resistance, abrasion resistance and self-lubricating

  • Drilling fluid circulation manifold
    Drilling fluid circulation manifold

    The flashboard and seat of mud valve are both made of hard alloy spray weld. It is wash proof and anti-corrosion. It improves the usage of valve with low torque and easy switch.
    To bend, reducing pipe, tee and spool is forged from high strength alloy steel. To the under high pressure parts, we inspect them by still water pressure and seal test before assembling to ensure the quality.

  • floot shoes
    Float Collars & Float Shoes

    Good intensity,high pressure endurance
    Withstands long periods of circulation;
    Automatic fill-up,reduces time and labor force
    Easy drill out with PDC bits;
    Special non ——rotational groove design ensures cementing plugs dilled out quickly;
    It is economically priced.

  • Gate valve
    Gate valve

    Our gate valves are divided into rising stem type and non——rising stem type,which are safe and reliable and can be used under all kinds of Environment.
    The same inner pathway size device and single forging body can extend the use life of valves.
    Anti H2S,CO2 and chloride corrosion.
    Designing and manufactring strictly according to API Spec 6A ,ANCE MR——0175

  • manual ram BOP
    ram BOP

    The shell is forged and processed with whole alloy steel with ellipse shutter,low height,reaseonable force state,small volume and lightweight.
    All parts are treated by ni-P electroless plating with ascendant anticorrosion performance.
    There is manual mechanical lock installed to lock tight by hand to release the tubing head pressure the shut——in safety.
    Once blowout or blowout presage appears,the pipe will be closed quickly and firmly,and be cut,with the Kava to prevent the cut pipe from dropping in the well.

  • choke-valve
    Choke Valve

    Our choke valves are including positive style, needle core style, plunger core style, plug cage core style and orifice plate core style. The materials used in both body and parts comply with API 6A and NACE MR-0175 so that our choke valves are widely used in drilling and producing onshore and offshore.

  • back valve
    back valve

    Bonnet and body connected by bolts, seals for sealing ring on the bonnet and valve body wall seal, sealed performance is reliable.This product design and manufacture of full compliance with API Spec 6 a "specification for" wellhead and Christmas tree equipment requirement, can be at home and abroad in accordance with API Spec 6 a specification form a complete set of equipment and used interchangeably. This body dogs for alloy steel forgings, with strong mechanical properties, can bear high pressure, has safe and reliable performance.