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ZCQ vacuum degasser function and maintenance measures

2014-03-18 14:24:13

ZCQ vacuum degasser suction using a vacuum pump, a vacuum tank in a negative pressure under the atmospheric pressure of the drilling fluid through the suction tube into the hollow shaft, the hollow shaft is surrounded by a further piece of the umbrella assembly, the tank was sprayed thrown to wall collision effect, the vacuum in the separator and bubble, crushing the bubble immersed in the drilling fluid, the gas escapes through the vacuum pump to draw side safety.
ZCQ vacuum degasser splitter exhaust gas to a safe zone, mud from the impeller discharge tank. As the first to start the main motor, the motor associated with the high-speed rotating impeller was the state, so the mud only from the suction pipe into the tank, will not be sucked from the discharge pipe.
ZCQ vacuum degasser maintenance:
1, after ZCQ vacuum degasser used up, you should wash the rotor and vacuum tank suction pipe. Cut off the power, remove as the hole blocking plate to check parts for damage. And remove foreign objects inside the tube, rinse the tank wall and the rotor with high-pressure hose.
2, should be carried out after each use the cleaning work to ensure the normal use again.
3, every month, with a grease gun to grease the spindle bearings charge Kea, into the volume of 200ml.
4 After using ZCQ vacuum degasser in the winter, to promptly release the steam separator and water pump, to prevent cracking.

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