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How to install ZCQ vacuum degasser?

2014-02-13 14:03:18

ZCQ vacuum degasser can effectively stabilize the proportion of drilling fluid viscosity; stable drilling performance, prevent blowout, kicks accident; effectively reduce cavitation, sand pump to extend the service life; suction tube into the slurry tank, airless dip in the mud the case can be used as a high-power blender.
ZCQ vacuum degasser installation and use :
1, The installation , the site is relatively level, there should be no significant tilt ; smooth installation requirements , connection, fastening reliable ; exhaust outlet according to well control requirements take out a secure location off-site wells .
2 , Before the start , and should be the end of the suction pipe drain pipe while immersed in mud , otherwise , it will not work .
3 , The exhaust pipe should be installed at the inlet filter ( 40 to 60 mesh ) to prevent the granular objects into the pump.
4 , Checks should be done before starting :
a, Motor rotation, vacuum pump and the main motor should be consistent with the direction of Mark ;
b, Drain pipe and the end of the suction pipe while immersed in the mud pit ;
c, Open the ball valve on the pump supply line , and then open the plug wire on the gas-water separator , to the charge of water until the water overflows from the overflow port to stop and spin on blocking wire ;
d, Rotating coupling a few weeks to make sure is not stuck in the pump or other damage phenomena .
5, When working inside the water pump is supplied by a gas-water separator , make sure the water temperature is higher than the ambient temperature up to 150C-200C, or should be replaced with new cold water to pump to work properly.
6 , When the work should always check the vacuum gauge , regulating valve so that the vacuum degree of data listed in the table below , in order to ensure normal operation of equipment .
7 , You must be the water pump and the gas-water separator is let go after use , wait for the next use.

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