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The main advantage of the heavy weight drill pipe

2013-12-20 09:39:39

Heavy weight drill pipe weight per unit length is medium. It resembles the drill of the drill. It is larger than the drill pipe wall thickness, smaller than the drill collars. Heavy weight drill pipe connections on the thick-walled tube with a special long drill pipe joints, generally in the composition of the drill string is added between the drill pipe and drill collar, prevent the sudden change of drill string section, reducing the fatigue of drill pipe. Used in directional drilling, drilling with high speed at lower torque, reduces the wear and tear of drill, thanks to their steel smaller than the drill collars, and shaft contact area is small, it is not easy to form a differential pressure sticking.
Heavy weight drill pipes outside diameter is approximate with drill pipe standard, in order to make drilling operations easy. Heavy weight drill pipes feature is able to withstand the same pressure as the drill collar. A unique feature of heavy weight drill pipes is the drill central parts hardbanding. Hardbanding can play the role of a stabilizer to improve heavy weight drill pipes stiffness in the drill column.
Integral heavy weight drill pipe steel AISI 4142H-4145H alloy structural steel for raw materials, production process strictly implement SY/T 5146-1997 standard fittings threaded in accordance with API SPEC 7 standards.

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