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Replacement and conservation for the vibration screen mesh

2014-04-09 15:25:45

We can design and produce different sizes, types of the vibration screen mesh, to meet the different needs of users in treatment capacity, installation dimensions. We can make double or triple the actual shaker suitable drilling fluid solid control according to customer demand.
Replace a new vibration screen mesh:
1, Finding that the screen is damaged, you need to replace a new vibration screen mesh. Just loosen the outer locking handle, you can remove the screen grid, took the screen frame, remove the rubber seals, fastening bolts, loosen the bolts fastening the screen frame to replace damaged screens.
2, Replace a new vibration screen mesh. Press 1, you can reinstall in reverse order. Note: Vibration screen mesh must be smooth solid, first locking the lower screen frame bolts, then tighten the upper bolt, the outer two V-shaped groove bolts must be tightened.
Conservation for the vibration screen mesh devices:
1, equipment operation, you should always refueling. Refueling two times a week.
2, every three months to conduct a minor repairs and maintenance, a 6-12 month overhaul, overhaul to check the motor, the fastener without loosening, open the vibrator cleaning check bearing, oil seal, wear should be replaced.
3, regularly check the cable (three months for a motor lead wire).

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