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How to choose the vacuum degasser

2014-02-11 14:52:12

ZCQ vacuum degasser is used to clear gases in gas drilling fluids. The processing capabilities of the device should be able to reach a full flow processing. Vacuum degasser must be placed after the drilling fluid shale shaker sand before pumping drilling fluid. Because when the drilling fluid containing gas, drilling fluid in centrifugal pump cavitation occurs, not only degrade performance of drilling sand pump cavitation, noise and vibration, reduced life expectancy, and in severe cases can make drilling sand pump does not work or is damaged.

There are two functions of vacuum degasser: one is to ensure the relative stability of drilling fluid, Blowout Prevention, kick, ensuring drilling safety; the second is to ensure that the cyclone can work properly. Drilling deep wells, when gas and oil and gas wells, must be equipped with a vacuum degasser.

Degasser has two types,atmospheric degasser and vacuum degasser. For outgassing mechanisms when the drilling fluid vacuum aspiration by mechanical agitation, and form a thin layer turbulence two functions. Atmospheric type degassing device with mechanical mixing capabilities. For the degassing effect, the vacuum degasser is superior to the atmosphere-type degasser.

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