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How to install, use and maintain the ZCQ Vacuum Degasser

2014-03-11 15:35:50

ZCQ Vacuum Degasser the purpose of installing in the mud circulation system is to prevent the drilling fluid during drilling operations to carry gas from the well affect mud performance and security risks. To ensure that the ZCQ vacuum degasser for optimum performance and efficiency, we must correct the vacuum degasser installed in accordance with the following description of the place where there is enough space for operation and maintenance personnel to connect a variety of accessories.
ZCQ Vacuum Degasser setup order for different user resources, experience and equipment choices will change.
1. The degasser installed in the vibration sieve downstream, or any of the two solids control equipment, such as Desander, Desilter, and Centrifuge upstream cleaner.
2. To ensure that the equipment be installed security level.
3. ZCQ Vacuum Degasser suction pipe in the first compartment desander downstream. The suction pipe 8 inches, installed in the mud tank routine operation mud scale at least 3 feet. The best in the mud at the bottom of the tank mounted 6 inch above the suction pipe, suction pipe end of the shorter the better operation.
4. The injector is mounted in the desander downstream close to another compartment, from the deaerator outlet to the injector import up to more than 25 feet. Horizontal or slightly inclined to install a 8 inch discharge tube.
5. In the routine operation of mud mud tank level at least 1 feet, install injector outlet pipe.
6. With a centrifugal pump for injector feed, provide 75 feet head pressure of ejector inlet. Installation of centrifugal pump centrifugal pump manufacturer recommended by the suction pipe. A length of not more than 20 feet 6 inches of feed pipe to the ejector nozzle, and keeping the tube bending to a minimum.
7. From the vacuum pump outlet manifold is connected with a 1.5 inch discharge line to the security area.
8. To the power supply equipment.
Typical operating and maintenance include the following:
1. Open the inspection panel
2. Remove, replace, and adjust the vacuum pump drive belt
3. Suction and discharge pipelines connecting and disconnecting
4. Maintenance of electrical junction box
5. Maintenance of vacuum pump gas and oil reservoir, horizontal

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