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The raw material of hard banding for drill pipe-Arnco 300XT

2014-10-28 15:44:41

Arnco 300 xt wear-resistant belt belongs to the iron base alloy, nickel, niobium and boron element. Other alloy composition is used to control the solidification performance and the effect of welding pool, so that the formation of the solid state, texture and appearance of beautiful, More than 60 rockwell hardness is reasonable, to ensure that the tool joint and casing friction between the ideal and balanced protection; Wear-resisting electrified wire diameter is 1/16 "(1.6 mm), scroll coil packaging. The DCEP polarity connection welding (electric welding wire for positive pole), can be obtained more ideal penetration, and the spallation strength. Recommend height is 3.17 mm" bulge "welding way, so that the greatest possible protection casing, drill pipe joints, sea water drilling machine, and the friction surface on the blowout preventer.

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