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Tensile requirements of tool joints

2013-06-24 16:24:35

The tensile properties of the material used to manufacture HWDP tool joints, shall comply with the Mechanical Properties for Tool Joints requirements.

These properties shall be verified by performing a tensile test on one specimen per heat per heat treatment lot.

Tensile properties shall be determined by tests on cylindrical specimens conforming to the requirements of ISO 6892 or ASTM A 370, 0.2 % offset method.

The tensile specimen may be taken from either end of the bar or tube. The specimen shall be machined so that the center point of the gauge area is located a minimum of 4 in. from the end of the bar or tube. The tensile specimen shall be oriented in the longitudinal direction with the center line of the specimen shall be taken from material at or below the gage point diameter of the connection.

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