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How to install the drilling mud tanks?

2013-12-25 11:39:00

Drilling mud tanks is the oil drilling fluid solid control system. It mainly includes FG and ZG type drilling drilling mud tanks, drilling mud tanks circulatory system according to the tank bottom shape is divided into square pot and conical tank. Tank body adopts flat conical structure or corrugated structure, welding steel group steel and type.
First, a good seamless steel tube, the length of the bolt about 1/3 of a diameter of about 6 to 8 times the bolt, one end of the sleeve put on a steel ring, the outer diameter of the sleeve is equal to the outer diameter of the steel ring , diameter slightly about the diameter of the anchor bolts, and then set into the bolt sleeve, the sleeve bottom with bolts welded steel ring, and to ensure the vertical centerline of the upper end of the sleeve anchor bolts, anchor bolts simultaneously to be higher than the upper end sleeve. (L = base station equipment based on high + gasket thickness thickness thickness + two nuts) will be assembled into the foundation bolt holes aside, on the basis of the cement equipment base plate or consequential lifting equipment, put on ground foot bolts, with horn pad level calibration level, the final secondary grouting.

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