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Three common drill collars specifications

2014-01-06 16:01:15

As oil demand continues to grow, oil exploration industry has been developing rapidly. Common three drill collar specifications are spiral drill collars, non magnetic drill collar,whole drill collars..
(1) Overall drill collar is smooth walled pipe, threaded at both ends of the connection process.
(2) spiral drill collars processing three right-handed round the outer cylindrical surface of the drill collar spiral groove to reduce the contact area with the wall, which can effectively prevent differential sticking.
(3) non magnetic drill collar is mainly used to monitor the process of oil drilling, drill collars with the overall structure of the same. Non-magnetic drill collars are manufactured using the N1310 low-carbon alloy steel, the material is a rigorous analysis of the chemical composition forged. The mechanical properties of materials have been tested to ensure the hardness, toughness, corrosion resistance and impact value standard, with good low magnetic permeability and good mechanical workability.
For convenience, the drilling work, to the outer surface of the processing within the drill collar hanging slot and threaded grooves in the slips.

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