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What is the replaceable sleeve stabilizer?

2013-12-30 17:05:03

In the oil, gas and engineering geological exploration drilling, drill stabilizer is an important tool essential to stabilize the entire drill string, steady oblique, righting and guide. Drill stabilizer is structured into four basic structure: integral spiral blade stabilizer; whole straight edge stabilizer; roller stabilizer; replaceable sleeve stabilizer.
Replaceable sleeve stabilizer is an important tool for oil, gas and engineering geological exploration drilling to prevent inclination changes, with greater rigidity in the drill collar and use a larger drill pressure is applied, the rational use of stabilizers, so inclination changes rate and the rate of change of orientation is small, to avoid a "dogleg", and to improve the quality and depth of drilling speed and reduce drilling costs. By replacing the righting sets to fit different caliper, improve life.
Replaceable sleeve stabilizer from the body, stable sets, sheathing components. Resistant materials stabilizers work surface, there are four: ① surface inlaid carbide column; ② surface inlaid diamond complex; ③ surface low temperature brazing alloy block; ④ surfacing electrode wear.

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