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Shear Pump Introduction and Application

2013-06-14 15:35:25

Shear Pump is designed by GN Solids Control for the clients to configure and process the drilling mud quickly in the oil & gas well drilling, HDD and other industrials.

Why need Shear Pump
We need drilling fluid (mud) in the process of drilling a oil well to cool the rig head, lubricate the rig so that the drilling could be easy, and bring the drilling cuttings out of the well. So, the drilling fuids plays a key role in the oil drilling. To configure the drilling mud quickly will bring much benifit for the users. It is no doubt that the shear pump is the most appreciated equipment to provide a rapidly make up and treatment of mud.

Shear Pump Purpose

The dispersion and hydrolyze of bentonite particles in water are controlled by: content of electrolyte in water, time, temperature , number and condition, shear pump can obviously increase the hydrolyzing degree of bentonite particles. The molecular weight of high molecular compound in mud is large and not easy to be hydrolyzed directly and need to be sheared by shear pump.

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