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What is the drilling fluid shale shaker working principle?

2014-01-01 11:41:42

Drilling fluid shale shaker is a solid control equipment in the drilling mud solids control system,of which function is to deal with the slurry from the bottom back up the mud more than 85μm solid particles.
Drilling fluid shale shaker vibration motor is based on the role of the eccentric force, resulting in linear motion, circular motion or translational elliptic trajectory of the beam passing through the shock shock. Two motor and screen angle to a vertical angle or straight way, so that the two opposite rotational direction of the motor excitation, arising from their mutual excitation power operation, offset in the X direction, the exciting force is zero. The exciting force in the Y direction overlay each other so as to drive two motors up and down the screen box along the Y-axis direction reciprocate, while the mud along the Y-axis direction to be left on the surface of the screen, and then when you have free fall before moving, so constantly being thrown forward movement on the fall so that mud, mud, mud fluid leakage into the tank through the screen, and some of the solid particles in the big mud hole and the screen is screened out, which played a slurry liquid purification effect.

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