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Mud circulation tank transport process analysis

2014-04-22 14:33:56

Mud circulation tank feed: feed line connected to ship discharge outlet and the platform deck, dust, exhaust valve open deck feed pipeline valve and mud circulation tank, the use of air transport ash system of the ship, the powder conveying to the mud tank. At the top of the mud tank is provided with a material level meter, measuring the amount of ash. Tangential mixed ash to ash cans,separate in ash tank, ash deposit in the mud tank, gas enters into the dust tank dust back to the platform outboard through the exhaust pipe.
Mud circulation tank discharge process: open a pot of crosswind (air) valve, to be mud tank pressure rises to a certain value and opened the ash discharge valve,powder slurry tank is pneumatic conveying.
mud circulation tankThe steady flow separator is the use of gas ash after the separation of residual pressure, coupled with the pressure cone to the wind, the powder of low pressure high flow and stable access to cyclone mixing hopper mixing and mud weighting. In the steady flow separator material pressure and separation from transport to tank pneumatic powder, gas enters into the dust tank dust back to the platform outboard through the exhaust pipe. When the powder surface reaches the specified location,the intake valve opens the steady flow separator separator, to inflation, adjusting and stabilizing device at the same time, the separator to maintain a certain pressure,and then open the discharge valve, so that the powder flow, stable to enter into the cyclone mixing hopper mixing.

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