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Decanter Centrifuge Maintenance

2013-06-28 16:23:24

WEIN Solids Control as a professional Decanter centrifuge manufacturer in China. We particularly specialized in providing Decanter centrifuge for Drill solids control, High-Speed Separation,Barite recovery, and ultrafines removel.  Decanter centrifuge are specially designed and built for heavy-duty jobs in oilfield operation,the maintenance of decanter centrifuge is relative easier compared with some other manufacturer’s.


Daily Maintenance Check:

1,Check the abnormal vibrations of the centrifuge is not allowed
2,Check temperature rise of the main bearings, normal temperature rise ≤40℃.
3,Check whether the bolts of the pillow blocks has become loose.
4,Check dsicharge solids and clarified effluent, and whether mud has leakage from casing.
5,Review the gearbox to make sure whether it has oil leakage (after opening the hole cover on the back motor guard, look carefully to check that sites such as the limit switch etc. has oil stain or not).
6,Observe the hydro-coupling to make sure whether it has oil leakage.
7,In case of any abnormality in the above-mentioned inspection, immediately stop the centrifuge for disposal or fill the oil.

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