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JZS280-3P shale shaker is the solid control system key equipment

2014-01-20 16:11:33

HENAN WEIN INDUSTRY CO., LTD is a professional production of petroleum drilling tools manufacturers. drilling fluid shale shaker is one of the drilling equipment necessary to clear several cuttings. JZS280-3P shale shaker drilling fluid used in oil and gas drilling solid control system, and it is a level purification equipment of drilling fluid for solid-liquid separation. If the drilling fluid shale shaker is not working properly, then the subsequent solids control equipment (vacuum degasser, desander, desilter, centrifuges, etc.) will be difficult to work properly. Therefore, JZS280-3P shale shaker is the solid control system key equipment.

JZS280-3P shale shaker is currently the most advanced linear vibrating screen. The device is composed of the cradle, screen-box, slurry-box, angle adjusting device and electric control system composed of five parts. JZS280-3P shale Shaker with two vibration motors semidiameter, based on the principle of self-synchronous, achieved a sieves the box along a certain direction of rectilinear motion, to screen for and purpose of the discharge of cuttings of drilling fluid particles. Our company can design and manufacture according to customer's actual operating conditions suitable for oil drilling fluids purification of double or triple screen, and provide connection manifolds. While our equipment can also be used as mud cleaner base flow vibrating screen.

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