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Five main characteristics of our JYQ liquid gas separator

2014-02-18 15:32:57

JYQ liquid gas separator plays a very important role in drilling engineering. It can effectively prevent the occurrence of blowout events. It is not only to ensure the personnel and property safety, greater extent, protect the environment, reduce pollution and toxic gas to air.
JYQ liquid gas separator

1, The JYQ liquid gas separator by centrifugal separation, physical impact separation, vacuum separation and a number of separation technology, to ensure that the gas separation;
2, The JYQ liquid gas separator tank is provided with a gas separation channel, exhaust gas flow, improve the treatment effect of gas;
3, JYQ liquid gas separator using the bottom discharge sewage to control the height of the liquid level, to ensure the constant liquid level separator, and solves the problem of inner product sand tank;
4, JYQ liquid gas separator anti sulfur type liquid gas separator adopts special materials manufacturing and processing, can completely prevent the damage of hydrogen sulfide gas in gas equipment.
5, The JYQ liquid gas separator liquid supply tube each corners are provided with a buffer device and is additionally provided with a replaceable impact baffle, according to wear by the replacement of regular inspections, prolonging the service life of equipment.

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