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JQB shearing pump more efficiently meet customer needs

2014-04-24 14:09:28

JQB shearing pump is a way to quickly configure and handle the oil mud solids control equipment . It can effectively mix , adequate hydration drilling fluid applied materials , saving materials using mud , mud shorten configuration time , a strong increase drilling efficiency and economic benefits.

JQB shearing pump is formulated polymers added to the slurry , loaders and other raw materials are not efficient continuous cyclic shear , thinning, mixing and changing its molecular chain structure , eliminating the " fish-eye " make mud process requirements to achieve performance and meet drilling drilling fluid ( mud ) higher performance requirements of the equipment .

The shear pump and suction and discharge operation of the centrifugal pump is similar except that the slurry in the configuration , the drilling fluid through the high-speed rotation of the impeller 4 in a pressurized hopper , through the nozzle 44 and the blades of the rejection stream be 90 ° out of the flow impact, the polymer and bentonite are constantly cutting , thinning, mixing , or a move to accelerate the polymer dispersion of soil particles , hydration save time, improve the dissolution rate of the additive , quickly reached the mud required rheological properties.
JQB shearing pump

Shear pump seal with a very reliable mechanical seal to ensure no leakage. Internal pump turbine equipped with a 300mm stainless steel , and a clipboard , can produce more than 25.4m / s Cut small end ( cutting fluid ) , when the pump flow by cutting , half of the liquid collection chamber in the turbine the strong advance will be cut twice , making more efficient configuration mud .

The shear pump turbine mounted on a special base and drive pulleys, narrow V- belts and explosion-proof motor , as well as one-size- fit ZHP150 shear mixing hopper and supporting the use of the pump , so that form a perfect cut and water cooperation with the system . Since the shear shaft seal was improved to make life greatly improved. If follow the rules and special conditions of shear pump installed applications , will further enhance the shear pump performance.

JQB shearing pump can quickly configure and handle mud and configured to meet the requirements of high-performance mud.

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