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Why does our JNQ mud gun have a long service life and low cost

2014-03-24 15:44:48

JNQ mud gun belongs to hydraulic mixing equipment. Its role is to rely on the high-speed fluid produced by the gun nozzle and impact drilling deposition tank bottom solid phase suspension. Meanwhile, when JNJ agitator down some time after the deposition of the solid phase and the need to re-bury the impeller enabled, gun drilling work could eliminate some drag torque agitator starts, which provide a reliable guarantee for the JNJ agitator work.
The storage vessel solid control drilling fluid system, currently used rectangular structure of Mud Circulation Tank at home and abroad, such as installation and transportation are very convenient structure. In addition, the structure of the Mud Circulation Tank agitator, no matter how high efficiency, large tank will appear a few dead. In order to solve this problem, foreign installed low pressure with a nozzle in a large tank mixing pipeline, while the domestic are installed in the tank top JNQ mud gun to stir the dead. Tank mounted hydraulic mixing pipe, can eliminate the mechanical agitator cannot stir to dead, but because the tank installed a hydraulic mixing pipeline, not only may damage caused by convective flow mixer, power is increased by agitator, and the sand is not convenient for cleaning. JNQ mud gun is divided into high and low two types. High voltage JNQ mud gun capacity is small, big pressure, generally by the liquid pressure drilling pump feed grade 4-6Mpa, low JNQ mud gun low pressure, large capacity, generally by the pump supplies the liquid pressure rating of 0.2-0.3Mpa. Whatever it is high or low voltage JNQ mud gun are liquids produce high-speed flow to achieve the purpose of mixing drilling fluid through a nozzle, how much should be based on the amount determined agitator.
When JNQ mud gun mounted on a solid control equipment (such as a centrifuge, cyclonic desander) compartments, there may be a solid phase carrying liquid pump case. Liquid carrying solid phase continuous cycle will result in rapid wear of pump components and JNQ mud gun nozzle. Suppliers with a wear resistant plastic material of the nozzle liner to increase the life of the equipment and reducing the cost of replacement. If the need-replacement parts are not replaced in time, mixing efficiency is reduced.

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