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JNJ series agitator is a high efficiency, stirring intensity,convenient for maintenance

2014-04-22 14:26:19

JNJ series agitator is composed of explosion-proof motor, reducer, form base and impeller components etc.. Motor and reducer, reducer connector and the impeller shaft through the rigid coupling, the impeller is composed of four blades welded. The impeller can make the mixing liquid generated vortex motion, thus increasing the stirring effect. The pallet clamp in the leaf is also can prevent surrounding mud solid particles deposited on the lower leaves after stopping, this can reduce the starting resistance torque of sediment on the blade, so as to avoid overload and burn the motor starting.
JNJ series agitator1. JNJ series agitator using circular cylindrical worm reducer shaft arc-shaped cross-section cylindrical worm, tooth for the turbine and the turbine phase conjugate circle. Uneven teeth together so reliable performance, high efficiency, compact structure.
2, It uses reducer combination with explosion-proof motor, easy maintenance, suitable for harsh conditions under field conditions.
3. Users can choose single or double impeller agitation according to the scene, according to the increase in the depth of the tank agitator shaft centralizers.
4. Motor horizontally, installation, adjustment, easy to replace.
5. 7.5kW more mud agitator using worm gear reducer with transmission torque, smooth operation, and reliable.

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